3 Steps you can Take to Protect your Business Data

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How confident are you that your business can recover from a data loss event? Do you have the capability to recover your critical data quickly? Is there a clearly written plan that all of your team members can follow? Are you unsure where to begin? We’ve provided you with three easy steps you can implement to ensure a data protection plan for your business.

Establish a backup plan

Regular data backup is the most effective way to ensure recovery of lost files. Even so, many businesses take a cavalier approach towards how how their backup is handled and executed. How often your company performs backup depends on your internal resources and amount and type of data you need to protect. Establishing a comprehensive backup plan enables you to outline exactly what essential data needs to be backed up and also set up a system for managing a backup schedule. In a best case scenario, your backup schedule should incorporate daily incremental/differential backups with a weekly full backup.

Store data offsite

Once your files have been saved to tape you’ll want to make sure that they’re stored offsite in a secure location. Storing your backup media onsite is risky; if a natural disaster hits your business location, any data stored there could be permanently lost. And the chances are even higher of media assets falling victim to seemingly nominal environmental factors within your office such as:

  • temperature variances
  • fluctuations in humidity
  • magnetic interference
  • dust and light pollution

Repeated exposure to any one of these variables can permanently damage your backup media. Therefore, your tapes should be stored in an environment dedicated to minimising any risks that could compromise your data.

A media vault provides an environment which allows for long term preservation and protection of backup media. Highly regulated and monitored access greatly reduces the risks of theft. Items are stored on racking systems specially designed for the storage of magnetic and optical media. Barcode technology allows for your tapes and hard drives to be controlled within an inventory management system that provides real time tracking and full audit trail capabilities, thus enabling quick data restoration in the event of an emergency. A media vault provides you with the following systems to ensure your backup data is continuously protected:

  • gas fire suppression
  • digital surveillance technology
  • media specific temperature and humidity regulation
  • alarmed access control

Media vaults that are managed by data protection specialists also offer a key advantage by providing a solution for ensuring that your media is both moved offsite in a timely manner and subsequently, quickly delivered back to you in a data loss event. A comprehensive media rotation service works in conjunction with your backup schedule, providing professional handling and transportation of your media assets by screened specialists who utilize alarmed, GPS tracked vehicles.

Implement regular disaster recovery testing

It’s important to know how quickly you can recover critical data in the event of a emergency. Setting up a disaster recovery schedule allows you to do so and provides you with confidence that your company can bounce back quickly from a data loss incident. It also allows you to fine tune any processes and procedures for enhancing recovery point and recovery time objectives ( RPOs and RTOs). Here your data protection partner also plays a key role, ensuring that the precise backup media you need is quickly located and delivered to an alternate location or hot site and providing you with the disaster recovery support you need. At a minimum, disaster recovery testing should occur every six months.

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