3 Reasons to Outsource Your Paper Shredding

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Paper shredding is a major step toward keeping your confidential information secure. Yet, in many ways, handling document shredding in-house can harm your business. Here are the top four reasons to outsource your paper shredding:

1. Improved Productivity

Office shredders are slow, costly, and unreliable—and a lot of work:

  • First, you have to remove staples and paperclips to prevent dulling the shredder blades or causing a serious jam.
  • Once you’ve removed the hardware, you have to separate files into easily-shredded portions to avoid paper jams.
  • If the shredder's cutting heads are misaligned or its gears are stripped, troubleshooting, maintenance or the purchase of a new machine adds to an already time-consuming process.

In short, having employees shred company documents is a waste of both time and money.

Professional paper shredding streamlines the document disposal process so your employees can focus on important, revenue-generating tasks. Your shredding service provider will strategically place locked collection containers in your office, free of charge, to ensure quick and secure disposal of sensitive documents and files. Employees can quickly slip documents and whole files into the containers without removing paperclips and staples.

With such a fast and convenient document disposal process, your employees are much more likely to securely dispose of confidential paper records on a regular basis.

2. Compliance

If your company wants to stay compliant with provincial and federal privacy regulations, it should be able to produce a paper trail that proves where, when and how documents have been destroyed. Unfortunately, in-house shredding programs don't have auditable document destruction processes.

A professional paper shredding service offers an ongoing record of regulatory compliance. Every time your documents are destroyed, you receive a Certificate of Destruction noting the time and date of destruction, proving your company's compliance with provincial privacy laws and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

3. Security

Outsourcing the shredding of your documents to a NAID AAA Certified paper shredding provider keeps your information safe. NAID only gives their AAA Certification to paper shredding companies that pass rigorous, unannounced audits in the following areas:

  • Employee hiring and screening practices
  • Operational security standards
  • Destruction processes and methods
  • Insurance liability

Shredding technicians must pass extensive screening and sign confidentiality agreements prior to employment. A strict chain of custody is followed each time your documents are collected and destroyed.

The fact is that in-house shredding is expensive, time-consuming and risky. Outsource your document destruction to a professional shredding service today, and make your business more efficient, secure and compliant.

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