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Information security can’t be taken for granted when a single privacy breach can cause irreparable financial loss for your business. Luckily, strengthening information security for your company doesn’t require a large-scale overhaul of processes and technology. A few simple steps provide a strong defense against unauthorized access, fraud and identity theft.

1. Purge old paper files

Files you don’t need any more may still contain a wealth of confidential information. Once you’ve met the legal and regulatory requirements for keeping your records, you may safely get rid of them. Use a one-time purge service to ensure they are completely destroyed. A Certificate of Destruction provides proof you have met retention obligations and disposed of your files responsibly.

2. Ditch the shredder

Your office shredder can cause a number of information security problems. First, it may not completely destroy sensitive information. Second, it’s likely to be underutilized because shredding machines are notoriously slow and there’s not enough time in the day. Third, they frequently break—especially in a high-use office environment. Last, shredded material eventually ends up in a dumpster or recycling receptacle, both of which are frequently targeted by thieves.

Rather than relying on your shredder, take advantage of a scheduled shredding solution. Documents are easily and quickly placed in collection containers, collected on a regular basis, and professionally destroyed either onsite at your office or at an offsite shredding location. In addition to being more secure, it’s a method that can help your entire organization be more productive.

3. Don’t take backups home

Depending on how you look at it, business owners are becoming more or less savvy about data protection. Backups may be performed regularly, but tapes often go home with an employee. This is especially risky, since tapes can be stolen at any point between the office and the home.
While tapes should be rotated regularly and stored in a secure offsite location for disaster recovery purposes, they should never go to a private residence. Instead, consider a media rotation service that enables your backup media to be securely transported offsite to a media vault by a screened data protection professional. In addition to reducing theft risks, this solution also offers the following benefits:

  • professional media tracking
  • tested chain of custody protocols
  • optimal media preservation
  • swift data recovery

4. Properly protect permanent and archival documents

Like your backup media, any documents vital to your organization should also be stored in a secure offsite location. Disasters can vary in degree and intensity; a leaky water pipe in your office can destroy valuable paper files just as easily as a storm or earthquake.
The location you choose to store paper records should include the following:

  • video surveillance
  • fire protection and suppression technology
  • barcode tracking
  • strict access control monitoring

In addition to minimizing risks to your business records, a records storage service can also help you better manage your information. Monitoring of retention periods and file retrieval and delivery are handled for you.

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