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If you're a business owner, it's hard to ignore the headlines. Nearly every day there's a new story about companies losing valuable customer data. Each incident is a powerful reminder to fortify your security and contingency strategies. If you're not sure where to start, use these suggestions to safeguard your customer information. 

Lock down Your Cyber Security

The easiest way for a bad guy to steal your customer information is through your network. If your system security isn't up to par, personal and financial data can vanish without a trace. Fortunately, protecting your business from cyber-attacks doesn't have to be expensive. Start by making sure your employees don't click on suspicious links or attachments sent via email. Implement forced password updates to keep your applications secure, and consistently make patches and updates to your computer operating systems and web browsers as they become available. 

Make a Disaster Recovery Plan

Not every threat to customer information is malicious. Natural disasters and human error can cause sensitive personal and financial data to disappear. For example, if one of your employees accidentally deletes an important customer-related document from your system, would you be able to recover the lost information? What if a super storm did extensive physical damage to your office? Would you still be able to access your client files?

A disaster recovery (DR) plan enables you to access customer information, even in the worst of circumstances. An effective disaster recovery plan combines offsite document storage, media vaulting, and emergency communication measures. 

Shred Outdated Documents

Besides plucking your customer data out of the cloud, criminals also go through your trash to steal discarded documents. A document shredding policy is an effective way to keep personally identifiable information out of the wrong hands. With an onsite mobile shredding service, locked collection containers are placed in your office, free of charge, to ensure quick and secure disposal of sensitive documents and files. Employees can quickly drop outdated documents and whole files into the containers without removing paperclips and staples. On a scheduled basis, the contents of the containers are collected by screened technicians and destroyed at your business. After everything is shredded, you are provided with a Certificate of Destruction. 

Create a Culture of Awareness

In an age where every organization's customer information is vulnerable to theft, creating a culture of awareness is a must. Like the other tips we've mentioned here, creating a culture of awareness is easy and affordable. It's as simple as teaching your employees about the solutions for minimizing the threats we've mentioned above. By making security training a priority, your customer information stays secure.

You play an active role in protecting your customers. Use these tips to keep their information safe.

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