4 Ways to Save Money with Records Management

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As a business person, you know that following records management best practices will help keep your business organized, efficient and compliant. What you may not realize, however, is that it can also make your company more profitable. Use these four records management tips to save your business money.

1. Purge Excess Records

There's a good chance that you’re holding onto old files that should have been destroyed a long time ago. Keeping them increases your company's privacy breach risk. Outdated and unneeded files also consume the limited and costly floor space in your office. You could use that file storage space for activities that increase revenue if you got rid of those excess records.

Even unwanted documents, however, contain confidential personal and business information. Therefore, you should handle any file purge with close attention to security.

You should contract with a NAID AAA Certified shredding and destruction company for any one-time document purge. Their trained records management professionals will free up your storage space by destroying your files in a secure way. Professional, trained shredding technicians follow strict chain of custody procedures while they destroy your old documents, tracking them throughout the destruction process.

2. Eliminate In-House Storage Costs

Even active and archival documents that sit idly in your office cost your business money. The space needed to house filing cabinets and storage shelves doesn't pay for itself. Fortunately, your business records can be securely stored off-site at a commercial records centre for a fraction of the cost.

Your administrative expenses are also reduced when you store your files off-site. Instead of wasting time digging through file cabinets whenever a document is needed, you send an online request to your records storage partner. They retrieve your files, and either hand-deliver them or send them to you digitally the same day. You need never sacrifice productivity for the sake of information access.

3. Digitize Your Documents

Converting your most active paper records into electronic documents can lower your costs even more. Electronic documents can be stored digitally, distributed efficiently, and shared simultaneously with multiple people in different locations. A professional document scanning service can digitize your paper records quickly and accurately without your having to invest in expensive equipment, software and employee training.

4. Cut the Cord to Your Shredder

In-house paper shredding is full of hidden costs. Combined with the purchase or lease price of the shredding machines themselves, time spent by your staff can add up to thousands of dollars each year. Since shredding a single file can take several minutes, your business labor costs add up quickly.

Privacy protection has to be your priority. However, it's more cost-effective and secure for your company to use a professional paper shredding service to destroy sensitive business information. You can save money and make your sensitive files more secure at the same time.

A professional paper shredding service lets you dispose of your documents quickly and securely. They will distribute locked document destruction containers around your office. Your employees will be able to drop files in for quick and easy information security.

You set the recurring schedule for professional technicians to empty the containers. They will then shred the contents on-site at your office or off-site at their secure shredding plant.

The right records management solution will help your business will lower its costs and increase efficiency.

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