5 Ways to Boost Data Protection for Your Business

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Data loss, whether accidental or intentional, hinders the ability to operate your business productively, so it’s imperative that you have an established data protection plan in place.

A data protection plan takes account of risks and provides steps to ensure the security of your information. With a broad lens, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the implementation of a data protection strategy. However, by zeroing in on these five specific tactics, you’ll increase the security of your business information.

1. Backup

Data protection starts with backups. Backups ensure that lost data can be quickly recovered and restored. When implementing a backup schedule consider:

  • The sensitivity of your data
  • Where it is located
  • Why it needs to be protected

Media tapes enable large amounts of data to be stored reliably and inexpensively. They are also easily transported to a secure offsite location for protection from theft and disaster at your primary business location.

2. Verify and test

Don’t assume that your backups are foolproof. Even the most religiously followed backup strategies can fall victim to unseen and unplanned circumstances such as:

  • Hardware and software failures
  • Human error
  • Corrupted tapes

To ensure data recovery, build time into your schedule to test your backups for thoroughness and integrity.

3. Properly store

While many companies are diligent with their backup schedule, they’re less careful with where they store their data. Often, backup tapes are stored in the same room where data is transferred to them, leaving them susceptible to:

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Natural disasters

Slight changes in temperature and humidity as well as magnetic interference can also degrade the data stored on tapes. Therefore, it’s important to store your backup media in a secure offsite location where it can be properly preserved and protected. A media vault is designed specifically for media protection and preservation and is equipped with climate monitoring technology and fire suppression and detection systems.

4. Ensure recovery

While it’s important to safeguard your data from theft and disaster, it also needs to be available and accessible for fast recovery. A tight, end-to-end chain of custody is necessary for ensuring media is transferred offsite, properly managed within a storage facility and capable of being securely transported back to your facility for recovery. Since your backup rotation schedule may incorporate several tapes stored offsite, you must be able to quickly locate and retrieve them in a data loss scenario.

A third party data protection service utilizes verifiable data storage and management procedures at all times. Bar code technology is used to identify each backup tape within a vault and track its movement during standard rotation and emergency delivery.

5. Prioritize security

Your business data is confidential and you have a responsibility to protect it all times. If stolen or compromised, your organization is vulnerable to:

  • Legal action
  • PIPEDA investigation and audit
  • Negative press coverage

Only authorized personnel should have access to sensitive corporate and personal information. Your backup process should be handled by pre-approved employees following verifiable procedures. Consider creating and implementing a written policy outlining data security requirements to be followed by all staff members.

Data protection ensures ongoing productivity and reduces risk for your business. Review your data protection plan regularly to address the changing needs of your company. Keep the focus on these specific strategies and you’ll continue moving forward with information security as your company grows.

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