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Case #1: Save Space. Save Money.

Who: A large law firm with offices in downtown Montréal.




A large Montréal law firm kept too many files at their offices because their existing service provider was slow and inefficient in the retrieval and delivery of files from their storage facility. However, space filled with archival files and documents is expensive, especially in downtown Montréal.


The Docu-Dépôt Solution:


From the first day the service contract was awarded to Docu-Dépôt, our client had immediate access to their documents using our management software. After indexing and inputting all their archival files into our software system, we started moving the files offsite to our secure storage facilities. Within weeks, the law firm was able to consolidate and reduce storage space in their offices equivalent to approximately 20,000 square feet. As you might imagine, this meant a substantial reduction in their rent costs.


In addition, we helped them to consolidate the space used by each lawyer in the firm for their active files amounting to a savings of another 5,000 square feet.


Not only did they reduce their footprint and their costs, they also enjoyed Docu-Dépôt’s excellent service, which gave them the confidence to let their legal files go offsite.

Case #2: We always do a little bit more for our clients.

Who: The Geomatics department of a municipal government of a major city of Québec




Our client needed to scan a large number of physical documents of various formats and sizes but had trouble doing so because of the equipment they were using. They also faced the issue that when a document was sent for scanning, it would often interrupt access to the drawing or map in the event it was required during business hours.


The Docu-Dépôt Solution:


To help our client achieve their goals and obtain an exceptional result, we employed a number of document scanning methods.


We provided our client with full colour scanning capabilities and the ability to scan both sides of their plans, maps and documents instead of just one side. We created a process to ensure that each document, drawing or map was treated with extreme caution, as many of them were anywhere from 20 to 80 years old. This solved the scanning format problems. To ensure that all documents remained accessible during business hours, we arrived at the client office before the end of business each evening to collect the physical drawings, maps and documents for scanning. We immediately transported them to Docu-Dépôt where our special scanning team scanned through the night. We then returned the originals to our client the next morning before the office opened for business.


Improved scanning services without losing access to your documents— Docu-Dépôt conquers challenges like this on a regular basis.


We also offer optical character recognition (OCR) to ensure a 100% scanning efficiency and accuracy when required.

Case #3: Helping with business continuity after a major disaster.

Who: A longtime customer working in a highly complex data processing environment




A major disaster occurred at our client’s headquarters. Data loss from this unfortunate situation was significant and—as luck would have it—their data recovery plan was trapped in the affected building. The dilemma they faced was how to resume business operations quickly and efficiently without the detailed recovery plan?


The Docu-Dépôt Solution:


With no plan in hand, Docu-Dépôt dispatched an immediate team to respond to the problem. The first goal: find the appropriate backup tapes housed in our vault. This was no small feat as they had over 5,000 tape cartridges in our vault. But the combination of our media vault technology and professional expertise allowed us to identify and locate all the appropriate backup tapes, each of which included a full backup as well as incremental backups. Having immediate access to these backup tapes meant our client could get back on their feet quickly. Within 24 hours of the disaster, they were operational again.


At Docu-Dépôt, we understand your world and have procedures in place to respond to your problems.

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