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Managing the entirety of a corporate records inventory offers a challenge to any business. The more data you have about your records retention inventory, the better your ability to meet legal and regulatory requirements and support your business objectives. Docu-Dépôt’s technology solutions enable you to manage and track your information throughout the entire retention lifecycle.

Whether you have records stored in a file room at your business location or at our records center, we make it easy to search for, locate, and order both physical and electronic files. Our proprietary EDC ActiveFile Software™ is an interactive and highly scalable solution that enables businesses and organizations to manage information from creation to preservation to final destruction. Intuitive and user-friendly, it is designed to help your company manage information stored both onsite and offsite.

Giving you total control over your complete records inventory

Your employees have the ability to easily image, order and track all documents and files within your corporate retention inventory, whether stored in your file room or at Docu-Dépôt’s record center. EDC ActiveFile™ is web-enabled, allowing users to interface with the software remotely. Your employees have the following capabilities:

  • Creating orders
  • Adding files and boxes
  • Viewing image, box and file details
  • Printing labels
  • Generating customized inventory reports
  • Storage and tracking of electronic documents
  • Managing in-house files

The intranet component for EDC ActiveFile™ resides on your organization’s internal servers and offers worry-free deployment and maintenance.

The ability to locate, track and manage your files onsite and offsite

The Semi-Active and Active (SA) version of EDC ActiveFile™ is designed to identify, track, store, retrieve, and manage physical documents such as files and boxes located onsite in your offices, filing cabinets and file rooms as well as offsite at Docu-Dépôt. Each file has over 40 customizable metadata information fields to help describe and identify your documents. In addition, EDC ActiveFile™ can perform a full-text search that allows for:

  • Precise document location
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Electronic tracking of changes and touches to a file

Boxes can be subdivided into as many individual files as you require. Further, dual retention schedules can be created by either department or document type to determine how long a document stays onsite and offsite before final disposition.

A solution for your corporate file room

The Semi-Active, Active and Electronic Data Management (SAE) version is designed with the same features as SA, with the added capability of allowing for management of electronic documents such as:
  • Images
  • Emails
  • Voicemails
  • Word, Excel, and PDF files

You can easily create, share, track, and manage electronic, imaged, and physical documents using one electronic file folder on the same platform. Imaged documents can be indexed with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or zone OCR in order to perform Boolean and full-text searches. The SAE version of EDC ActiveFile™ enables authorized personnel within your organization to access documents, giving them specific rights which can include viewing, ordering, modification, or destruction. All previous modifications are tracked and saved, providing you with a comprehensive audit trail for your onsite inventory.

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