The Benefits of a Film and Video Storage Service

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Whether you’re a broadcasting professional, corporate archivist or marketing professional with film and video recordings, you need a secure and reliable place to store your media assets. Here, we discuss the benefits of a film and video storage service.

Saving Money

Film reels and videotapes take up a lot of space. It’s more cost effective to store these assets offsite in a vault than onsite in your office where the cost per square foot is likely to be much higher. Plus, you gain the benefit of having your archives professionally managed. This lowers your administrative and clerical costs and gives you more time to focus on your business.

Preserving Recordings

If film and video recordings aren’t stored properly, they undergo serious degradation. Over time , dust, dirt and slight fluctuations in temperature and humidity can permanently damage film and tapes. Whether you’re a filmmaker, corporate historian, or marketing professional, film and video storage preserves your visual data. The climate-controlled vault offers a clean, pristine environment that ensures optimal preservation time. Each item is stored on high-density racking systems to protect it from contaminants.

Saving Time

If you plan on distributing your film and video materials, make sure they’re properly organized. Film and video storage ensures your media assets are managed efficiently. Each item is bar coded and tracked with inventory control technology. You can view your offsite inventory through a secure web portal and request delivery of your recordings at any time.

Ensuring Compliance

Whether you’re a medical practitioner with diagnostic X-rays or a lawyer with video evidence, it’s important to stay in compliant with regulatory storage requirements. Film and video storage keeps your media secure with real time tracking, so passing an audit is never a problem.

Having Peace of Mind

Imagine you’ve got a production deadline but your computer network fails. In that scenario, your client is probably paying you a lot of money and expects a finished product. If you’ve backed up your film and video files and sent them offsite to a vault, you can still meet your deadline. Film and video storage gives you peace of mind, knowing you always have access to your media assets, no matter the circumstances.

The benefits of a film and video storage service are undeniable. Don’t wait to take advantage of this secure and reliable resource that’s available to you!

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