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Every day your business generates paper documents. At some point, if not yet, you may find yourself dealing with a number of challenges related to your company’s paper dependency:

  • Difficult accessibility
  • Lack of storage capacity
  • Inefficient retrieval
  • Poor retention management

Many companies eliminate these problems by converting their paper documents to digital files which are easier to store, manage, retrieve and distribute. But it’s not always easy finding the right scanning solution for your company, because the scope of services may vary from vendor to vendor. In this article, we analyze several commonly-offered scanning services so you can better assess which best suits your document management needs.

Backfile imaging and conversion

Building the infrastructure to scan an entire inventory of documents is costly. Backfile conversions allow a large volume of documents to be scanned and converted to digital images—either a portion of your archival records or your entire inventory. How far you reach into the past for your backfile conversion project depends on your budget and the capacity of your document management system. You may find it’s not necessary or economical to scan all of your historical, archival and legacy files.

Day forward scanning

A day forward scanning approach enables you to keep archival documents in a paper format and begin scanning new documents as they are produced. Once your document management system has been set up, electronic files can be easily uploaded to the database and accessed online. Day forward scanning can reduce overall document imaging costs and enable document scanning to be integrated into your daily workflow processes.

Scan on Demand

A professional document scanning solution can help you determine how much of your inventory really needs to be scanned. Large paper document inventories can be eliminated from your office by storing archival files offsite. A scan on demand solution combines secure offsite storage with document scanning.

With scan on demand, files are only scanned as they are needed. The file is retrieved from its designated storage location when requested, prepped, imaged and digitally transferred in your preferred file format. Scan on demand offers:

  • Secure commercial records centre storage
  • Scanning upon request
  • Upload of converted files into your preferred database
  • 24/7 secure web portal access

Document scanning services enable you to focus on your customers and goals without being distracted by internal scanning projects. There’s no need to buy scanning equipment, the need to hire, train and manage new staff is eliminated, and the imaging process is entirely handled for you. With the right document scanning service, you can meet your document management goals economically.

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