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1. Of all the record and information management service suppliers in the industry, what makes you different?

Different than the large multi-nationals, Docu-Dépôt is a local, highly personalized service company. We’ve been part of the Québec business community for years and we support the local community. But, unlike some other small, local companies, we’ve built a full range of records and information management support services to respond to all your needs. Our modern facilities are state of the art. We also have temperature-controlled, secure vaults to support vital records and data.


We own our fleet of delivery vehicles, which means your information assets are always under our care, custody and control. Ownership of our fleet also means we can respond to your rush or emergency requirements.


Our shredding and destruction equipment are the most modern, mobile, hybrid vehicles allowing us to provide the most secure, and environmentally-friendly shredding option in the Montréal-Québec City corridor.

2. Do you provide storage and management of digital and audio-visual media?

Yes. Your digital media and data assets are stored and managed in our maximum-security vault with temperature and humidity controls to support media integrity. These protections maximize the longevity and security of your digital media.

3. How fast can you deliver the urgent files or media that you are storing and managing for me?

Depending on the location of your business, your items could be delivered in as little as an hour! We also provide standard delivery services organized every half day. Requests for delivery made before 11:00 a.m. will be delivered in the afternoon, and requests made before 17:00. will be delivered the following morning.

4. What happens if I need service during a holiday or weekend?

Delivery is always available for urgent needs and requirements, even on holidays. Just contact us to make your request.

5. How safe are my records and data with Docu-Dépôt?

Your critical documents are extremely secure in our document storage centres. Our facilities are securely monitored and are only accessible with advanced access controls by approved personnel. All visitors—even third party vendors—to our facilities are accompanied by one of our staff at all times.

6. What is a standard file or records storage box?

Records, file or document storage boxes can accommodate legal size files (11 x 14”) in one direction or letter size files (8.5 x 11”) in the other direction. These boxes measure 10 x 12 x 16” and are noted for the obvious hand holes at either end of the long side of the box. This particular size box is easy to carry and has been adopted by a large majority of our customers. You can purchase these boxes from us at any time and are highly recommended as the best option for long-term storage.


If you have a requirement for any other box styles or dimensions, contact our customer service department

7. Can you pack my office files for me?

Yes, and very quickly if needed. We can assemble a support crew to assist in placing your files in storage boxes, as well as assist you with the indexing and data entry to support the contents of each. This includes the bar coding of boxes and files.

8. Can you suggest a software system for the management of my records?

Of course! Docu-Dépôt was instrumental in the founding, launching and development of industry-leading software to support the needs of our customers. It was so successful here in Québec that our software is now sold and used internationally by other record centres. The software was designed to support the management of your business records. Built into it is the ability to manage the documents sent to us for long-term storage and management. But even more importantly, the software allows you to manage your own internal files. Please ask us for a demonstration.

9. What is secure destruction?

Documents and all other information assets—including digital media and hard drives that reach the end of their lifecycle—must be securely destroyed to ensure compliance, privacy and security. Secure destruction requires very specific criteria, depending on the media being destroyed. Docu-Dépôt employs industry-certified processes that are monitored and audited by NAID International. When the work is completed, we issue a formal Certificate of Destruction to confirm your assets have been destroyed to NAID standards.

10. Can you provide document destruction services at our offices?

Yes! Since May 2012, our mobile destruction vehicle can travel to your office or warehouse to destroy your documents, CDs/DVDs and even your hard drives containing confidential information. A Certificate of Destruction is then issued.


In addition, our destruction vehicles use industry-leading hybrid technology, a first in Québec! On request, we can establish a regular destruction schedule and provide you with secure collection containers to ensure ongoing security and privacy within your workplace.

11. How long should I keep my records?

Our federal and provincial governments have established specific deadlines, often unique to each industry. However, corporate policy often requires other retention periods. Some vital records need to be retained permanently. This includes deeds, leases and wills, just to name a few.


Please refer to the official governments requirements to build your retention schedules. Your corporate accountants or lawyers are often most qualified to advise you on this subject.


While Docu-Dépôt is not qualified to advise you on your retention schedules, we are extremely capable of assisting you with the implementation of retention policies through long-term storage and then destruction services at the end of your document lifecycle.

12. How can I be sure that my documents will not be mixed up with other client's documents?

Each item in our custody has its own bar code. These bar codes are assigned to your customer account at the point they are active within our system. Every time a file, box or tape is handled, it is scanned by the Docu-Dépôt staff person handling the item, thereby giving us a complete historical record of where it has been and who has touched it.


Not only is every item bar coded, each shelf or location in our warehouse also has its own unique type of bar code. As such, every item is scanned to a location under very strict business process and activity rules. Critical checks and balances are integrated into our management software and mobile scanning devices to ensure your documents never get mixed up with any one else’s in our system.

13. How much does it cost to store media or documents with Docu-Dépôt?

While every client is unique depending on what you need to store, how many you need to store and the type of location or environment you need to store it in, the costs of storage and management with Docu-Dépôt are typically significantly more cost-effective than storing them on your own. We’ve helped clients achieve savings of 50% over their current storage situation in a downtown office space.


You can store small amounts or large amounts. We have minimum storage programs right up to complex account support. Just fill out the contact form, give us some basic details, and we will respond with an estimated budget based on your needs. Put us to the test!

14. What are the steps to start working with Docu-Dépôt?

Complete a simple contact form and outline your needs. We will contact you shortly with options to consider.

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