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It’s not only paper and digital media that needs to be protected. Your audio and video recordings may not only contain precious memories but also serve as important historical corporate assets. As such, they also deserve to be preserved and safeguarded.

Minimize the risks to your collection

The slightest temperature and humidity fluctuations can quickly degrade audio and video recordings. Drafty, leaky basements and attics where film and tapes are often stored represent the least desirable environments for long-term preservation of film and sound recordings. Film and audiotapes are also susceptible to:

  • Dust and debris
  • Light pollution
  • Corrosive gases
  • Improper handling

However, when stored in a properly controlled and regulated location, the shelf life of these formats can be extended for a period of time spanning multiple generations.

Long-term archival preservation and protection

Docu-Dépôt offers a professional storage solution for the proper archiving of your audio and film assets. Our maximum security media vault is equipped with the following features:

  • Climate monitoring and regulation
  • Strict access control
  • Continuous digital surveillance
  • Fire suppression and detection

High-density racking systems allow for individual slotting which prevents your media from being exposed to light and dust pollution. Access to our vault is limited to our screened team members.

Better organization and management of your film and audio assets

Our vault inventory control database allows for the secure tracking of your data. All media is bar coded to allow for rapid location and retrieval. A web interface allows you to send media offsite, manage your catalogue, and have your stored recordings delivered to your location in as little as one hour in urgent situations.*

Whether you have a private collection, operate a professional studio, or are charged with custodial responsibilities for a corporate collection, Docu-Dépôt ensures the long-term preservation and organization of your audio and film assets. To find out more about our audio and video storage solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

*extra cost service offered for clients within close proximity to our document storage facilities

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