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Does your organization suffer from “TMI” or “too much information” syndrome? If so, you're not alone. Most organizations struggle to keep up with an ever-expanding inventory of documents and data. Here are several solutions for dealing with information overload in your business.

Document Scanning

Whether stored in file cabinets or boxes, paper documents are your most space-consuming business resource. Those that are most active and used to support your daily workflow processes are prime candidates for scanning. When scanned and converted to electronic files, they can be stored, viewed, and distributed digitally, saving your organization time, money and valuable office space.

Use a document scanning service for efficient, secure and cost-effective conversion of your paper documents to electronic files. The right provider will offer screened document imaging technicians that handle your entire scanning project including:

  • Document preparation and indexing
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capture
  • Digital file encryption
  • Image hosting

File Purges

Failure to adhere to final disposition guidelines for your files always results in information overload. Over the course of just a few months, it's easy to accumulate a stockpile of expired documents. Scheduled file purges end the unnecessary growth of paper clutter in your office and guarantees that your information is destroyed according to legal requirements.

A one-time purge shredding service will deliver lockable document collection containers to your business, enabling staff to securely dispose of outdated files by simply dropping them inside. After the containers have been filled, they are collected and the contents are shredded on-site at your facility—or securely transported to a shredding plant for destruction. You are given a Certificate of Destruction as proof of your company’s compliance with the law.

Off-Site Storage

Most companies struggle to find a balance between meeting document retention requirements and finding cost-effective and secure storage for business records. In-house storage is expensive and increases the risk of your sensitive information being lost or compromised due to theft, fire, leaks or natural disasters.

Commercial off-site records storage offers a low-cost and secure solution for storing your archival documents off-site. Your business files are stored in a record centre—a specialized, high-density storage structure built exclusively for documents and equipped with the following features:

  • Fire alarm and fire suppression technology
  • Security surveillance systems
  • Climate control systems
  • Barcode tracking technology

You're automatically notified when your records reach their final disposition dates, and at that point, you can either have them delivered to you for review or professionally destroyed.

Media Vault

A records storage provider that also provides data protection services in a media vault can offer your business a complete, turnkey solution for storing magnetic and audio/visual media off-site. A media vault offers unparalleled protection for tapes, CDs, DVDs, and hard drives containing sensitive digital data. Temperature and relative humidity levels are maintained at an optimal level for long-term preservation. Your inventory is tracked with barcode technology and media items can be requested any time for expedited retrieval and delivery.

Don't let your business succumb to information overload. Follow the solutions we've provided here, and you'll never again experience information overload!

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