Debunking Data Protection Myths

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These days, data protection is on every business owner's mind. Unfortunately, just as much misinformation as helpful advice can be found on this topic. Here we separate fact from fiction by debunking some of the most common data protection myths.

Myth: Data Protection Costs a Fortune

Don't assume than an effective data protection plan will break the bank. You don't have to invest in a top-tier data centre to safeguard your information. The right partner can offer a cost-effective strategy for ensuring your data is safe and recoverable. 

Myth: Backups Are Enough

Backing up your data on a regular schedule is just the first step to a solid data protection strategy. The next step includes making sure your backup media is safe and secure. Your data includes confidential business, personal and financial information which, if stolen and compromised, could leave your company open to stiff legal fines. Furthermore, tapes and hard drives are sensitive to even the slightest temperature and humidity fluctuations. If not stored in strictly controlled environmental conditions, they may not function properly when needed.

If you're serious about protecting your backup data, store your tapes in a media vault where they’re protected from unauthorized access, their movements are tracked, and they are preserved at optimal temperature and humidity conditions. 

Myth: Taking My Backup Tapes Home is Good Enough

Storing your backup media offsite in your home may seem like a simple and effective data protection strategy, but in reality it leaves your organization vulnerable. Just imagine if your home was damaged by a flood or fire; you'd lose your business data, too. Or imagine this scenario: You forget to lock your car when stopping at the grocery store on the way home from the office and thieves steal your data.

True data protection means having a strong chain of custody and unparalleled offsite security. A top-notch media rotation service offers both. First, a uniformed data protection professional collects your backup media from your office then transports it in an alarmed, GPS-tracked vehicle to a secure media vault for offsite storage. A strict chain of custody is maintained at all times. 

Myth: I Don't Live in a Disaster-Prone Area

Although you may not live in hurricane zone or at the foot of a volcano, your data is still vulnerable to total loss. In fact, it's more likely that you'll lose data to a power outage, human error or malicious attack than a natural disaster. Data protection means taking into account the full range of risks to your data and having a comprehensive recovery plan in place for each. 

Myth: A Little Downtime Won't Hurt My Company

In today's digital age, business happens at a breakneck speed. Even the shortest period of downtime can lead to unhappy customers and reduce your company's competitive edge. So your company can't afford to ignore the necessity of putting the resources in place to restore data at a moment's notice.

Now that you know the truth about data protection, you can implement a solid data protection strategy for your business.

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