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It’s not easy managing a paper records inventory. Finding space to store everything is challenging enough. Then there’s making sure documents are properly labeled, organized and filed in a way that they can be easily and quickly found. And the privacy and confidentiality of your inventory has to be maintained at all times. Without the right expertise and resources, things can quickly get out of hand, which is why more businesses are making a case for implementing a document scanning solution.

Elimination of manual processes

“Pushing” paper is neither efficient nor secure. The more hands that physically touch a document the greater the chances that document will be lost within the shuffle or compromised due to carelessness. Tracking a single document is cumbersome. Multiple copies have to be made in order to share and collaborate upon information which is neither cost effective nor environmentally sound. However, scanned documents enable information to be stored in a centralized location, accessible to multiple users concurrently. There’s no more searching through file cabinets or recreating missing documents. With electronic files, information can quickly be found with a simple keyword search. The elimination of manual document management processes enhances customer service and improves overall productivity for your organization.

Better protection of sensitive information

Data security is one of the top concerns of any business. Due to their physical composition, paper documents are especially susceptible to multiple risks that may compromise client information:

  • fire
  • flooding
  • theft
  • natural disasters

Even the everyday handling of paper documents can result in torn and tattered pages. Scanned documents can be preserved in their original state long term. They can also be regularly backed up and safeguarded as part of a data protection plan. Additionally, when electronic documents are stored within a document management system, access levels can be set to individual end users and retrieval can be monitored and controlled for enhanced information security.

An improved bottom line

The money saved by scanning paper documents can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Storing and managing paper documents increases overhead and administrative costs. A single file cabinet takes up more space than you think, while rifling through that cabinet wastes valuable time. Document scanning allows for a freeing up of office space – lease rates can be reduced and storage areas can be reallocated for revenue generation. Cost associated with printing and copying documents are also reduced.

One additional thing to keep in mind

You don’t necessarily have to scan all of your paper documents. Some records may have to be held on for an extended period of time but are rarely needed to support everyday business processes, if at all. It’s more cost effective to keep those documents in a hardcopy format until they need to be disposed of, which brings us back to the original problem of how to go about properly managing a paper records inventory.

With a professional records storage and management solution, these documents can be stored offsite so that someone else can handle their storage, administration and supervision. Your inventory is bar-coded, retention schedules are monitored, and files are retrieved and delivered directly to you. Scan on demand offers the option of having a specific document scanned and made available to you electronically when you need it. At the end of their required retention period, files can be securely destroyed.

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