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The conversion of your entire records inventory to an electronic format may not be cost-effective or necessary for your business. However, there will likely be times when you need a digital copy of an archival file in order to:

  • Meet audit specifications
  • Sustain business processes
  • Support regulatory requirements
  • Prove legal due diligence

And the less time you spend locating and retrieving your critical information, the more time you can spend being productive.

Your business records in the blink of an eye!

Docu-Dépôt’s Scan on Demand service combines the document protection and tracking of our offsite records storage solution with instant access to your archival files. Your semi-active and inactive documents are transferred to our secure records centre where they are barcoded and tracked with our proprietary inventory control technology, ActiveWeb™. The following processes make it simple and easy to receive an electronic file:

  • You request a scan through the usual channels (web, phone, fax)
  • Our team retrieves the physical document with its unique bar code
  • Docu-Dépôt scans the document with cutting-edge imaging equipment
  • You receive an email notification that the document can be viewed on ActiveWeb™
  • Our team returns the document to its original location
  • The scanned documents are kept on Docu-Dépôt’s servers for immediate or future use
  • You then have access to your electronic files 24 hours a day via ActiveWeb™
  • When placing future orders, you will be notified if your document is also available in electronic format and you will have the option to view the electronic documents or order the physical files

With Scan on Demand, you achieve the convenience of having a file delivered electronically directly to your workstation or laptop at any location. The electronic document can then serve as a permanent record that can easily be shared within your organization. Regardless of your geographic location, Scan on Demand allows for the easy organization, retrieval, and delivery of your electronic files.

Docu-Dépôt’s Scan on Demand solution saves precious office space and reduces the time spent manually searching for specific information. To find out more, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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