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Faulty business practices can result in big consequences, especially when personal information belonging to your clients, patients, or employees lands in the trash. Unauthorized access to business documents can lead to:

  • breaches of federal and provincial laws
  • regulatory non-compliance
  • civil suits
  • loss of clients

It may take months or years for your business to recover, and the damage to your business reputation may be irreversible.

Professional paper shredding equals privacy protection

It’s crucial that you have a system in place to ensure that your information is destroyed beyond recognition. Docu-Dépôt’s document shredding solutions help protect your Matane business from costly privacy breaches. Whether you have a room full of no-longer-needed documents or just a handful of file boxes, we make sure your information is disposed of in the most secure and efficient manner possible. Our shredding services include:

We provide a full document disposal assessment to determine which paper shredding service best meets your budget and needs.

A more secure and productive document disposal solution

Using your office shredder comes at the expense of productivity. Just to shred a single file, several minutes are spent doing these tedious tasks:

  • removing paper clips, staples and sticky notes
  • separating pages into easily shredded stacks
  • clearing paper jams
  • emptying shredding receptacles

With all of the work and time required, it’s not surprising some paperwork ends up in the trash or recycling bin instead.

Our professional document shredding solutions eliminate the time-consuming process of shredding documents in-house, while ensuring that your confidential documents are thoroughly destroyed. Locked shred collection receptacles are strategically placed throughout your Matane facility, enabling whole, intact files to be quickly disposed of without the use of a shredding machine. Our scheduled paper shredding solution ensures secure document destruction without sacrificing productivity.

Privacy breach risk reduction for your organization

Much more than a reliable solution for the disposal of your business documents, our document shredding solutions offer a professionally-managed process for maintaining the confidentiality of your employees’ and clients’ information. We’ve earned the trust of Matane’s business community by providing a combination of expertise, processes and technology that includes:

  • screened document shredding professionals
  • GPS-tracked vehicles
  • strict chain of custody protocols
  • access-controlled, alarmed and continuously monitored facilities

You won’t find a more dependable professional document shredding solution in or near Matane! For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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