The Dos and Don’ts of Data Protection

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Image for Docu-Depot-Jul 2016-Blog-The Dos and Donts of Data ProtectionData protection is critical for any business. If sensitive personal and corporate information is compromised, it can bring on legal and regulatory fines, ruin client trust, and permanently damage an organization's reputation. To avoid these pitfalls, use our handy list of data protection dos and don'ts.

DO Backup Your Data

 Data protection begins by backing up your data. Incorporate scheduled backups into your business processes. First, decide which data needs to be protected. Second, determine how long your company can survive without its data. Third, set and stick to a backup schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly). Remember, every organization has unique data backup needs; for customized a backup plan, consult with a data protection provider.

DON'T Leave Sensitive Data Unattended

 Whether on your desk, at a printer or in your car…never leave your data unattended. Confidential personal and business information can be gleaned from documents at a glance. Identity thieves often look for laptops and computer media left in cars. Make sure sensitive paperwork is filed away or shredded after use, use the screen lock on your desktop computer, and keep mobile electronic devices in your possession while you're on the go.

DO Store Your Data Offsite

 Offsite storage ensures confidential data is protected from unauthorized access and disaster. Have an offsite storage plan for your paper documents and digital data.

With a records storage service, your documents are stored in a records centre—a facility designed exclusively for the protection and preservation of paper documents. Designated individuals in your company can request records stored offsite anytime. A sophisticated barcode tracking system is used to track the location of and access to each stored file. Your offsite inventory is protected and managed by screened records management personnel who follow strict chain of custody protocols at all times.

 Your backup media requires a unique offsite storage environment. A media vault offers the following specialized systems for protecting and preserving your digital data:

  • Continuous temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Vault access control
  • Continuous digital surveillance
  • Waterless fire suppression and detection systems

DON'T Keep Data Longer Than Necessary

Hoarding data exposes your company to legal liability and privacy breaches. If you’re unsure how long to retain your data, consult with a corporate attorney. They will outline your legal and regulatory data retention obligations so you're not holding on to data longer than necessary.

DO Comply with PIPEDA

Your information destruction policy should comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). PIPEDA requires all Canadian organizations collecting personal information to destroy it at the end of its legal retention period.

A professional paper shredding service ensures your documents are destroyed in a manner compliant with PIPEDA requirements. Locked shred collection containers are delivered to your office and when filled, a shredding technician picks them up and securely destroys the documents inside. When shredding is complete, you receive a Certificate of Destruction noting the date time of destruction and proving your company's compliance with PIPEDA.

Take our advice and follow these dos and don'ts of data protection to help ensure that your information stays secure!

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