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Privacy – you’d be hard pressed to find a more talked about topic these days. As evidenced by the recent Target data breach in the U.S., businesses are especially at risk of having valuable information compromised. Luckily, a couple of simple steps can go a long way in helping to protect your business data.

Safeguarding paper documents

While viruses, malware and hacking all pose a threat to business data, paper records are just as vulnerable to threat and misuse. Paper documents should always be stored in a secure area that prevents theft and unauthorised access. Make sure that file rooms are always locked. Don’t store boxed documents in hallways, basements and attics.

Preventing theft is theft is critical but negligence is just as much of a risk to your business privacy. Documents can go missing due to carelessness and lack of oversight. As a result, there should also be a process for monitoring the access and retrieval of confidential files. For example, an employee may retrieve a file from a locked filing cabinet and forget to return it. Perhaps the file goes home with him and never comes back, or simply gets buried under a pile of paperwork.

Unsecured and ignored storage areas can also lead to a privacy breach. Relying on a self storage unit to protect your documents isn’t the wisest decision. Most offer twenty-four hour, loosely monitored access, which is why theft is rampant at these facilities. Not to mention, that the only thing protecting your confidential files is a padlock.

Professional, offsite records storage provides a more secure solution for protecting your documents. Documents are stored on high density shelving units within a records centre designed exclusively for the protection and preservation of paper records. Access is limited to screened, records management professionals, trained specifically in the handling and protection of paper records. Barcode technology enables for documents to be tracked throughout the retention lifecycle and also provides a comprehensive audit trail of access and retrieval. Professional document storage offers the following benefits:

  • continuously monitored security technology
  • climate control and regulation specific to document preservation
  • access restricted to screened document management professionals
  • enhanced fire detection and suppression systems
  • Guaranteeing proper disposal of confidential material

Safeguarding your paper documents also extends to how you dispose of them. Unfortunately, a significant amount of our daily paperwork may be ending up in the trash instead of being shredded. This is due to the problematic nature of office shredding machines. Shredding a single file can end up being a huge investment of time. Staples, paper clips and sticky notes need to be removed prior to shredding. Files have to be separated into easily shredded portions. And paper jambs and other maintenance issues are frequent. With all the trouble, your staff may opt to toss sensitive documents in the trash instead.

A professional paper shredding solution eliminates privacy breach threats due to risky document disposal practices. Locked shred collection containers can be placed within your office establishing convenient and secure disposal points. Files can be disposed of in the fraction of the time it takes to destroy them with a shredding machine and documents can either be shredded onsite at your facility or transported to a shredding plant for offsite destruction. Further, a Certificate of Destruction provides written verification of the disposal process, helping your company meet compliance and regulatory privacy protection standards.

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