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Backups are a pillar of any solid data protection strategy. But your backup data is only as safe as the media it's written on. That's why having a secure and reliable media storage and rotation plan is crucial. Here are answers to frequently-asked questions about media storage and rotation questions:

It depends on how often you back up. A combination of daily, weekly and monthly backups give your organization a comprehensive data protection plan. Keep your backup tapes are accessible and test them quarterly to verify the integrity and availability of your data.

No, bringing tapes home puts your data at risk. If you have a house fire, burglary, or simply leave your tapes in hot and humid weather, you may lose a weeks’ worth of data or more. If you forget your backup tapes during the morning rush to get to work, your whole rotation schedule is thrown off. An offsite media vaulting solution helps you avoid these all too common scenarios that lead to data loss and keeps your media rotation schedule up to date.

A media vault offers the most secure and reliable option for protecting and preserving your backup tapes. After you've backed up your data, your tapes are picked up by a background-screened data protection professional and delivered to the vault. Inside the vault, they're stored at the ideal temperature and humidity on a specialized racking system that minimizes dust, debris and UV light contamination. Access to the media vault is limited to authorized personnel. Advanced security and fire suppression systems safeguard your tapes from theft and natural disasters.

When your media library is stored offsite in a media vault, barcode and tape management technology is used to track each tape. An integrated client portal allows you to view your inventory, modify your rotation schedule, and request individual tapes and media volumes as needed.

A big advantage of a media vaulting solution is that you have seamless and reliable data recovery. You can request tapes any time, including after business hours, on the weekends, and during holidays. They are hand-delivered directly to your office or emergency hot site by a uniformed data protection professional in a GPS-tracked vehicle.

We hope these questions and answers help you build upon your backup strategy. If you have another media storage and rotation question, please give us a call!

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