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Image of businesswoman in anger breaking metal chainEvery business owner wants a solution for reducing costs and maximizing profitability, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to take your business to the next level. Document scanning offers a host of benefits for organizations of all sizes and types. In this blog post, we discuss how document scanning can change your business.

Enhanced Productivity

Productivity takes a big hit in paper-dependent businesses. Accessing hard copy invoices, contracts, customer forms, and personnel records and tax documents is time consuming. The busier your office, the greater the chance those paper files will be misplaced at some point in time.

In contrast to all this hassle, document scanning makes searching for information easy and efficient. Optical character recognition (OCR) software used during the conversion process makes every digital file searchable. Type in a keyword or phrase and you get instant access to your business information. As a result, your employees complete tasks in less time and can share and collaborate on information more efficiently.

Reduced Office Clutter

More paper documents mean more file cabinets and less revenue-generating office space. Document scanning lets you convert those space-hogging hard copy records to electronic files that are stored on a DVD, hard drive or in an enterprise content management system (ECM). Now you can turn “dead” storage areas into fully-functional, profit producing office space.

Disaster Protection

Investing in a document scanning service is a smart way to enhance your company’s disaster recovery capabilities. Unlike their paper counterparts, digital files are less susceptible to fires, floods and natural disasters because they can be stored on multiple devices with backup copies stored offsite to support your data protection and recovery plan. 

Data Security

Do you have a record of every time someone in your company retrieves a confidential paper file? Insider theft of sensitive information in companies large and small is on the rise, and document scanning helps you protect confidential business information. When your digital files are stored within an electronic document management system (EDMS), access levels are set for individual end users, and each file retrieval is controlled and monitored for enhanced information security.

Improved Customer Service

Happy customers make a profitable business. Document scanning helps you serve your clients and customers more efficiently. Rather than getting up from your desk to print, copy and fax documents and forms, you can send your customers the information they need with a quick click of your mouse.

Clearly, document scanning offers a plethora of benefits for businesses of every size and type.

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