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You’ve moved your business documents offsite and are feeling relieved you have a better handle on protecting and managing your records retention inventory. The rest of your stuff, however, is a whole other story. You have marketing collateral, trade show equipment, promotional items and giveaways scattered throughout your facility. There’s so much stuff that you’re not even sure what you have. It’s not as if you aren’t going to use these items—just not anytime soon. And even if you did want to use something, it’s all scattered around in a way that makes finding things a real pain. Keeping track of your business inventory is also a challenge. You often find yourself ordering items last-minute even though you thought you had enough.

The problem with trying to manage your business inventory yourself is that you focus on finding space for it without giving proper thought to how you’re going to maintain proper control over everything. Items get tucked away in utility closets, basements and attics because those places offer available storage space. Some businesses have such a small office that they acquire or rent warehouse space just to store their inventory. Not only does this end up being costly, but it also puts a burden on your in-house administrative resources.

Just like the storage of your business documents, without controls and systems for governing the access and retrieval of your inventory, important company assets can easily be lost. Theft is often a concern, yet when items go missing it usually isn't malicious; it’s just what happens when you have free-for-all access without verifiable and documented processes in place. Still, any branded or proprietary business inventory that disappears can cause real problems for your business.

Important factors to consider before choosing a storage solution

So, what's the most economically sound and secure solution for storing and managing your business inventory? First, you want to make sure that the space you choose protects your inventory from physical threats and damage. Items stored on pallets on the floor can fall victim to theft, flooding and pest infestation and thus should be stored on industrial shelving units that can be custom configured to the type of product or material you have. The facility where your inventory is stored should be equipped with the following:

  • fire detection and suppression equipment
  • video surveillance technology
  • security and access control
  • climate regulation systems

In addition to safeguarding your business inventory, it crucial to have a verifiable method for accessing, retrieving, and keeping up with items as they are removed and replaced. Bar code tracking within a professional inventory management system enables a regulated framework that stands up to the strictest audit processes. It also allows you to always know exactly where your inventory is at any given moment and how much of it you have left. Items can be professionally retrieved and delivered, allowing your company more efficient use of time.

Docu-Dépôt provides business inventory storage solutions to business throughout Montréal and Québec. To find out more information, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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