Important Factors in Your Backup and Recovery Plan

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There are any number of ways you can lose your business information, such as theft, natural disasters, and human error. While data loss in some form may be impossible to avoid completely, a solid backup and recovery plan can soften its impact on your business. Whether you’re in the initial steps of implementation or are long overdue for a revision of your current plan, there are a variety of factors that must be considered in order to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Protecting current and future data

As your business grows, your backup requirements may change. Therefore it’s important to make sure your organization continues to protect its current data while also accounting for future data protection needs. Current and future data needs are affected by:

  • internal audit requirements
  • compliance obligations
  • retention guidelines

And as more of your information is produced and stored in a digital format, your backup needs will also grow.


There are two main types of data backup: full and differential. A full backup stores all selected data, while a differential backup stores any changes to files from the previous full backup session. Using a strategy that combines both will provide the most comprehensive data protection for your business. Many organizations aim to complete a full backup on a weekly basis, with differential backups completed daily. Full monthly, quarterly, and annual backups should also be completed. Your backup schedule should be well-documented and easily verifiable.

Handling and storage

You should always be able to identify and rely on your backup data because the way your backup tapes are organized, handled and stored makes all the difference. Magnetic media is susceptible to damage from a number of variables:

  • temperature fluctuations
  • excessive humidity
  • mishandling
  • magnetic interference
  • man-made and natural disasters

Your backup tapes should be sent offsite and stored in a facility that ensures their protection and preservation. A media vault facility offers the best option, since it is designed specifically for safeguarding backup tapes:

  • climate monitoring and regulation
  • strict access control
  • continuous digital surveillance
  • fire suppression and detection

Backups can be securely sent off site with a professional media rotation service utilizing screened, data protection staff.


The only way of knowing you will be able to recover your data is through periodic testing. On a scheduled basis perform data recovery exercises. In addition to making sure that data has been correctly written to your tapes and properly preserved, also test how quickly you are able to locate and receive your tapes. With barcode tracking and tape management technology, your data protection partner should be able to meet your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and provide full disaster recovery support.

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