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Caution! Relocating your library may cause extreme stress and anxiety.

Your unique asset management system combined with the active borrowing requirements of your library patrons demands extreme caution in the choice of relocation vendor. You can’t afford to mess things up in a move or during renovations.

A simple mover is NOT enough.

You need a company to support your transition that understands complex inventory management, the importance of immediate access to your assets, and short and long-term storage options during your move.

Docu-Dépôt can help.

More Than Just a Library Move, You Can Stay Open Too

Traditionally, a library relocation or temporary move to support a renovation meant packing up your books and sending them to a temporary warehouse for storage in the interim. But, in doing so, you had to close your library. Your patrons could no longer borrow or return items. You were stuck.

Not so with Docu-Dépôt. We help you to keep your library open the entire time during a move, relocation or renovation of your library.

Off-Site Library Storage and On-Demand Retrieval Services

During relocations, renovations or library downsizing, on-demand requests to fulfill books for your patrons allows continued access to your collection. Our sophisticated software can use the barcodes you have already placed on each book to support fast, on-demand delivery of individual books to you or your library’s patrons. We also receive book returns and place them back into your inventory. You can either continue to use your own library tracking system to search and request items, or you can use our popular, easy-to-use web-enabled software.

Our inventory management and seamless fulfillment technology will support your transition with the temporary or long-term storage of your collection in a way no other moving company can.

With a proven process and system for moving libraries and keeping them open and active throughout Québec, we work with you to understand your unique situation, your timelines and interim service requirements in order to construct your library relocation plan. Our learning from other library moves allows us to bring you our best practices to your library relocation.

With years of experience managing the files, documents and business inventories of corporate and government clients, we’ve perfected secure and accurate inventory management, storage, retrieval and delivery.

We know that your library holdings are more than just books. Your collection includes archival materials, documents, media and much more.

Our library relocation teams are specifically trained to move all the different types of inventory in your library the correct way. We get it right the first time. Books can be removed from your shelves and replaced in your new environment in the exact same order.

Don’t let your library relocation stress you out. Call the professionals at Docu-Dépôt today for a conversation about how we might help your upcoming relocation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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