Making a Commitment to Secure Document Disposal in 2014

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The New Year always brings an opportunity to start anew and business resolutions are just as important as personal ones. The beginning of 2014 is a perfect time to improve the way your company handles the disposal of confidential records. We’ve provided two effective ways you can sharply reduce data breach risks by ensuring your business documents and files are always properly shredded and destroyed.

Purging previous year’s records

It’s easy to put off getting rid of expired records that may have been sitting idly within your office for months or even years. Yet, it is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. Inactive records not only take up valuable space, but also represent a potential data breach. Your paper documents may contain the following sensitive information:

  • Personnel data
  • Confidential proprietary information
  • Client records
  • Bank statements

Shredding these with an in-office paper shredder is a time-consuming process, which may explain why they’ve been pushed aside in the first place.

A professional one-time purge service allows you to dispose of confidential business material in an efficient and secure manner. An information destruction technician will drop off secure shred collection containers which allow for the easy, bulk disposal of files without having to remove binders, paper clips, staples, etc. When filled, your shred collection containers are collected and all material is either shredded onsite at your office or transported to a secure offsite shredding facility. The shredding process is finalized with a Certificate of Destruction, verifying your legal due diligence and adherence to privacy protection standards.

Ensuring long-term, ongoing, secure document disposal

Once you’ve successfully completed your purge project, you can implement processes that eliminate an additional buildup of expired, no-longer-needed records. Regular, daily shredding of confidential paperwork is beneficial on a number of levels, including:

  • Reducing office clutter
  • Minimizing privacy breach risks
  • Ensuring sound records retention policies
  • Meeting compliance requirements

Security and convenience are tantamount to ensuring that confidential documents are disposed of. A scheduled shredding service supplies both by working in a similar fashion to a professional one-time purge service. Locked shred collection containers are placed within your office, establishing secure and convenient collection points for sensitive information. The number and size of containers placed is based on your business disposal needs. On a scheduled basis your containers are emptied and the contents are professionally shredded. This solution facilitates prompt disposal of confidential records and eliminates the time-consuming and counterproductive use of office shredding equipment.

The challenge with resolutions, of course, is resisting the temptation of procrastination. A professional shredding and destruction company can make it easy to get started with a shredding and destruction solution. Look for a local provider that offers a cost-free, no obligation assessment of your company’s information destruction needs.

Docu-Dépôt provides professional shredding and destruction solutions to companies throughout Montréal and Québec. To find out more, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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