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Professional paper shredding prevents privacy breaches

When it comes to preventing privacy breaches, it pays to be proactive. The more steps you can take to ensure that client files and business documents remain confidential, the better. Identity theft and fraud exposure is especially high during the disposal process with paper records frequently not being entirely destroyed or even worse—whole documents lazily dumped in the trash. The resulting legal ramifications, notification costs, and damage to business reputation are difficult to remedy.
Even companies that use shredding machines within their offices are at risk. Notoriously prone to malfunctions and tedious to use, office shredders limit productivity and may actually increase privacy breach exposure for your company. Take for instance, all of the steps required to shred just a few files:

  • paper clips, staples and sticky notes must be removed
  • documents should be broken into easily shredded portions
  • paper jams have to be remedied
  • the shredding receptacle should be frequently emptied

At the end of it all, documents are shredded into relatively large pieces, making it too easy for determined thieves to reconstruct sensitive information.

Secure paper shredding services for Pointe-Claire businesses

Luckily, there’s a better way to foster secure disposal of confidential material within your organization. Docu-Dépôt’s paper shredding services not only minimize privacy breach risks but also provide a solution that drives compliance and enables your Pointe-Claire business to stay productive. We make sure your paper records are disposed of a timely and thorough manner. Locked shred collection containers are strategically placed within your Pointe-Claire facility and their contents are emptied regularly and then thoroughly destroyed. These secure repositories enable whole, intact files to be disposed of in a moment, eliminating the time-consuming and risky process of using a paper shredder. Based on your business requirements and a thorough onsite assessment, we may offer you the following service options:

With over 20 years of records and information management expertise, we provide you with a trusted and reliable professional paper shredding solution.

The highest level of security for your expired documents

You take the privacy of your business information seriously—and so do we. Docu-Dépôt’s paper shredding services benefit from the highest attention to detail and adherence to strict chain of custody protocol. It’s a document destruction solution that offers enhanced security and privacy protection for your confidential business information:

  • screened document shredding technicians
  • GPS-tracked vehicles
  • ongoing training of our team members
  • industrial-grade, cross-cut shredding equipment

A Certificate of Destruction provides official documentation of completion of the document shredding process to support internal audit requirements as well as legal and regulatory compliance.
To find out more about how our paper shredding solutions benefit your Pointe-Claire business, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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