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While your office might be equipped with a traditional paper shredding machine, it may not be the most secure and convenient method for disposing of your confidential business records. In addition to being prone to breakdowns, traditional paper shredders are often under-utilized. That’s not surprising given the numerous steps one has to go through just to shred a few files:

  • Remove documents from binders
  • Remove staples, paper clips and sticky notes
  • Shred only a handful of documents at a time
  • Clear frequent paper jams
  • Empty shredding receptacle on a regular basis
  • Regular oiling and upkeep to maintain shredding blades

As a result, in order to save time and potential headaches, sensitive files often end up in trash cans or recycling receptacles instead of being shredded, thus exposing your business to a potentially devastating data breach. You can’t allow this to happen to your business.

A quick and convenient method for destroying your business records

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Docu-Dépôt’s shred collection containers provide a secure, convenient and time-saving method for the destruction of your business records. Our shred collection containers—which come in multiple sizes—are placed at strategic collection points throughout your office to facilitate easy disposal of confidential material. Fully intact, whole files can simply be placed within the locked container where they cannot be retrieved without a key. The whole process can be completed in half the time it normally takes to shred files in a typical paper shredding machine!

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Once your shred collection containers are filled, one of our screened, professional team members will collect the contents and either shred your documents onsite with our mobile shredding truck or securely transport them to our facility where that same truck employs hybrid technology to shred your documents in an energy-efficient manner using hydro-electric power. After your documents have been destroyed, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

More thorough and secure than your paper shredding machine

In addition to enabling you to be more productive, Docu-Dépôt’s shred collection containers provide a more thorough and secure method for disposing of your business records. Our industrial-grade shredding equipment shreds your documents into tiny pieces that make it impossible to reconstruct any sensitive information. The strict chain of custody protocols we follow ensure complete destruction of your data.

The frequency of service and number of containers is tailored to your specific business needs. As your shredding and destruction experts, we provide a cost-free consultation to help you choose a program that best enhances your document destruction program.

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