A Quick Guide to Media Rotation and Storage

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Offline backup to tape or other portable media offers a low-cost method for archiving a large volume of important business data. But without a media rotation and storage solution, an offline backup strategy offers limited effectiveness. This quick guide to media rotation and storage will help ensure your data is protected and can be recovered easily.

Media Vault Storage

Storing tapes offsite is essential for an effective disaster recovery plan. When stored in the right environment, backup tapes can be preserved for many years, and a media vault offers the most secure and reliable storage option for protecting and preserving them. Threats such as theft, media deterioration, and fire and water damage are neutralized with protection systems that include:

  • Continuous temperature and relative humidity monitoring
  • Strict access control
  • Continuous digital surveillance
  • Waterless fire suppression and detection systems

All backup media is stored on specialized racking systems that minimize dust, debris and light contamination. Access to the media vault is limited to authorized, screened data protection professionals. Tapes from your media inventory can be requested anytime, including after business hours, on the weekends and during holidays.

Tape Management and Tracking

Extended downtime during data recovery can paralyze your business operationally and financially. When your tapes are stored offsite in a media vault, barcode and tape management technology is used to track the location of your media so it can be retrieved at a moment’s notice. It also helps you manage your media inventory more efficiently, lets you adjust your rotation schedule as needed, and allows you to easily request or recall specific tapes when you need them.

Backup and Media Rotation Alignment

Frequent backup of your data minimizes the risk of unexpected data loss. The strongest data protection strategies use a combination of daily, weekly and monthly backups. With a professional media rotation service, your backup media is transferred to a media vault for secure storage and then rotated back to you following your backup schedule.

Scheduled Delivery and Pickup

Whether you back up daily, weekly or monthly, it’s important to transfer your tapes offsite as quickly as possible. With a professional media rotation and storage service, delivery and pickup is tailored to your backup schedule. A uniformed data protection professional collects your media for transport to the offsite media vault while simultaneously delivering the next backup tape to you per your rotation schedule. A strict chain of custody is maintained at all times during delivery and pickup. Your media is securely transported to and from the media vault in an alarmed, GPS-tracked vehicle.

The right media rotation and storage service offers your business a secure and reliable disaster recovery solution.

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