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Take a look around your office. What do you see? In addition to computers and desks, most likely there are tonnes of documents and files everywhere, stacked atop workstations, packed in boxes, and shoved into file cabinets. Storing and maintaining business records on-site is one of the most costly expenses a business can incur. In addition to taking up expensive office space, managing these documents is not the most efficient use of your time and resources.

Docu-Dépôt’s records storage solution enables you to maximize your office space and maintain direct access to any of your business documents. We offer companies of all sizes and types, from Montréal to Québec City, the most secure and effective method for gaining better control over their document inventory and meeting records retention requirements. Our record centres are designed specifically for the protection, preservation and management of active, semi-active and archival documents. Each of our records storage facilities features:

  • High-density document storage shelving systems
  • 24/7/365 security surveillance
  • Climate control regulation and monitoring
  • Fire prevention and detection systems

how records storage works

Integrated document management technology

Each Docu-Dépôt client is provided access to our integrated document management software, which allows for continuous tracking of business records. Every type of record—file, box, or backup tape—is assigned a unique barcode identifier enabling you to quickly locate and retrieve your business information. You also gain the ability to:

  • Assign retention schedules
  • Search for records based on date, department, type, etc.
  • Schedule final destruction of documents and files
  • Generate a variety of retention reports
  • Manage emails, Word and Excel documents, PDFs and other active files

There’s no better solution for safeguarding your business records while simultaneously improving the organization of—and access to—your most critical information.

Convenient, anytime access to your records

When you store your records with Docu-Dépôt, no matter if it’s after business hours, on a weekend or during a holiday, you always have access to your business information. A secure web portal makes it convenient to request your records anytime. Once your request is received, we retrieve your records and deliver them directly to you within half a day or, during an emergency, you can request delivery within less than an hour.*

Maintaining a tight chain of custody and the taking the utmost care with your information is a top priority that’s made easy with:

  • Screened and trained professional couriers
  • GPS equipped and alarmed vehicles
  • Strict information security procedures and protocols

Storing and managing your business records doesn’t have to cut into your bottom line. Docu-Dépôt enables you to streamline your business processes while maintaining legal and regulatory compliance with our records storage solutions!

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*extra-cost service offered for clients within close proximity to our document storage facilities

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