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Taking Data off of a Laptop

In the wake of the Heartbleed bug which continues to wreak havoc on the public and private sector, and the high-profile theft of millions of Target shoppers’ personal information, the corporate world has become hyper-vigilant regarding cyber threats. While it’s important to ramp up defenses against outside threats to corporate data, many companies fail to exercise the same discipline when minimizing internal threats that also put sensitive information at risk. In this article, we examine the in-house risks to business data and the challenges organizations face in preventing information theft.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In a society where the majority of individuals use mobile devices, some interesting workplace challenges have arisen. Many employees bring personal devices to work and access company information with them, and there is often a disconnect between the information security measures of the company and those of the individual. Employees regularly access corporate data away from the office and after hours, presenting organizations and their IT departments with a 24/7/365 risk of an information breach. In addition, the portability of company-issued laptops means that individuals working remotely must be extra wary of the loss or theft of their devices. BYOD challenges such as these mean that companies have to invest in written policies regulating the use of personal devices as well as creating an IT infrastructure to centrally manage the security of company-issued devices.

Budget reductions

In organizations with less staff who are each tasked with more responsibilities, and those with a less-regulated IT infrastructure, sensitive information is often at even more risk. Whether it’s unwittingly clicking on an email with a malicious attachment or accidentally tossing a confidential document in the trash, the expense of a single privacy breach can far outweigh the cost savings gained by streamlining. However, an investment made in educating employees about proper information security practices can significantly reduce negligent behaviors that put corporate information at risk.

Lack of control over files and documents

Given the abundance of paper records maintained by a single business, hardcopy records can easily go missing. Documents can leave an office premises completely undetected. This is especially endemic to companies lacking proper records management policies and procedures, as well as those relying on solely internal processes for the access and retrieval of information. When the movement of documents can be continuously tracked and verified, privacy breach risk is reduced and legal and regulatory compliance is simultaneously enhanced. Those companies that implement professional records storage and management solutions also enjoy a reduction in the overhead and administrative expenses of storing and managing information internally.
A sound corporate information security policy addresses the wide range of threats—internal and external—to your business data. First comes an assessment, next a strategy is devised, and then ongoing reassessments are conducted in order to prevent and respond to ever-evolving risks.

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