Three Data Loss Scenarios and How to Avoid Them

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The best solutions always come out of real-world problems. Unfortunately, preventative actions often take a back seat to reactive solutions. In this blog, we’ve outlined three common data loss scenarios that have happened to businesses and have offered a solution for each so you can learn the steps for protecting your business information.

Scenario #1: Disappearance of backup data

As a small business owner, you wear a number of hats, one of which is making sure your data is backed up. You don’t want to take any chances with that valuable data, so you even bought a safe to make sure your backup tapes are protected. Then the unthinkable happens. One day you pull up to the building where your business is located, and fire trucks are everywhere. Fortunately, the firefighters don’t appear to be focusing on the corner of the building where your office sits, but it’s still pretty close.

Eventually the fire is put out and a couple of days later you’re allowed back in to assess potential damage. You find water damage in your office which will prevent you from working there for several weeks or longer. You open your safe to retrieve your backup tapes and they appear to be okay. However, when you pop them into your tape drive, your data is nowhere to be found.

Your backup tapes were most likely a victims of the extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations during the fire—which is no surprise given how sensitive magnetic media is to environmental conditions. Even the slightest fluctuations can compromise data stored on hard drives and tapes.

In order to prevent backup data from being lost to a fire, flood or natural disaster, it’s important to always store it offsite in a location that ensures its long-term preservation and protection, such as a professionally managed media vault that offers:

  • climate monitoring and regulation
  • strict access control
  • continuous digital surveillance
  • fire suppression and detection systems

Doing so allows you to restore data quickly and resume your business operations as soon as possible after a catastrophic event.

Scenario #2: Broken chain of custody

Your office manager is the unsung hero of your organization, with the uncanny ability to juggle multiple tasks and troubleshoot an array of problems. He is also reliable and self-motivated, which extends to taking the initiative to take the daily backups home each evening. Despite his good intentions, however, on one particular day this seemingly foolproof solution fails. The backup tapes are left in his car overnight—the same evening his car is broken into. Your corporate data is stolen and there’s no telling how much confidential information has been exposed. You shudder to think of the endless terrible consequences.

This situation can be avoided altogether by utilizing a media rotation service, which allows for backup media to be professionally handled and transported offsite to a vault facility. In addition to ensuring your data is moved in a timely and secure manner, it provides barcode tracking of your backup assets so you can audit the precise location of your tapes at any given moment.

Scenario #3: A goldmine of data in the trash

It’s easy to think of data purely in terms of digital information, but data is also contained in hardcopy documents, and if not properly disposed of, the repercussions for mishandling hardcopy documents can be just as damaging as losing a tape or hard drive. For example, your company is facing an important deadline that has everyone working at full capacity. You’ve made it a company policy to shred all confidential material, but during this push you’ve noticed that documents containing sensitive information have ended up in waste bins.

This scenario can easily happen given the combination of overburdened staff and the amount of time it takes to shred documents. Secure document disposal shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for productivity, as long as you offer a time-saving method for making sure documents are completely destroyed. A scheduled shredding service can provide you with the solution you need by enabling whole files to be tossed in locked containers in a matter of seconds. All collected information can then be shredded onsite at your office or securely transported offsite for destruction at a shredding facility.

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