The Top Reasons Your Business Needs an Archival and Active File Storage Solution

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Is keeping up with your business documents a constant hassle? Are you worried about the security and accessibility of your information? Here are the top reasons your business needs an archival and active file storage solution.

Archival and Active File Storage Frees Up Office Space

Whether they’re accessed regularly or are gathering dust, your documents take up office space, and using expensive square footage to store them has a negative impact on your profitability. File storage designed for both active and archival files frees up office space so it can be used to generate revenue for your business. Not to mention that uncluttered offices are more productive!

Privacy Breach Risk Reduction

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Don’t underestimate internal threats to your information. Every day, businesses and their customers fall victim to identity theft and business fraud when sensitive documents and their contents are stolen by unauthorized employees. An off-site file storage solution reduces this risk by safeguarding your hardcopy information in a location that’s inaccessible to anyone except authorized employees.

When stored in a commercial records centre, archival and active files are protected in a high-security facility. Only pre-authorized and screened records management professionals are allowed access to the building. Instead of being assigned a block storage location, your document inventory is separated and stored anonymously throughout the records centre. The privacy of your information is maintained with the following security systems:

  • 24/7/365 internal and external surveillance
  • Facility access-control technology
  • Alarm systems with active monitoring

Barcode technology tracks the activity of your file inventory so you always know who accessed your information and when.

Disaster Recovery

Paper documents are susceptible to permanent loss from fires, floods and natural disasters. That’s why disaster recovery experts recommend storing essential business documents in a space separate from your primary business location. Besides the security it offers, a commercial records centre is designed for the long-term physical preservation and protection of your information.

In addition to providing strict privacy breach protection, a commercial records centre is also designed to minimize physical damage to your documents in case of emergency. The building is equipped with advanced fire protection and suppression systems and is kept in pristine condition at all times to eliminate pests and contaminants. And because your records are stored within a climate-controlled environment, they can stay in optimal condition for an indefinite period of time.

Enhanced Information Access

In-house file retrieval processes are time-consuming and error–prone, and automated retrieval systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But with an archival document storage and active file management service, your business records are tracked in an inventory management database with integrated barcode tracking technology. Your document inventory list can be viewed at any time using a secure, online access portal. If a file is needed, you can easily request it online and it will be securely delivered to you by a records centre professional or sent electronically with a Scan on Demand solution incorporating Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Legal Compliance

All businesses must comply with provincial and federal privacy laws and legal retention requirements. Archival and active file storage reduces the risk of fines and litigation that can come with non-compliance. The right archival and active file storage service ensures your company follows the letter of the law by offering:

  • Retention management
  • Strict information access and chain of custody procedures
  • Verification of documents’ final disposition

Archival and active file storage offers your business a host of long-term benefits!

Docu-Dépôt provides archival and active file storage solutions for businesses throughout Montréal and Québec. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page. We’re here to help you!

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