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The necessity of addressing your document storage constraints is bound to come at one time or another as your retention inventory grows. There’s only a finite amount of space within your facility where you can store paper records without sacrificing affordability, ease of accessibility or privacy protection. Yet it can feel like you’re losing control of information when moving it outside of your organization, although ultimately it depends on where you choose to store your documents—and with whom.

A self storage facility may initially seem like a convenient option until you have to take the time to retrieve files from your unit. Searching through haphazardly piled boxes of records is anything but fun and is certainly not productive. In addition, self storage doesn’t offer the security and safety needed to protect the confidentiality of your business documents; the only thing separating your information from the outside world (and thieves) is a padlock.

Companies that are serious about privacy protection, retention management, and disaster recovery look to a commercial records centre for addressing document storage concerns. But the quality, features and services from one record storage facility to the next can also vary greatly, which is why a critical eye can go a long way in making sure that your documents are going to be safeguarded and properly managed.

Will your documents be preserved and protected?

Security is huge when it comes to your records retention inventory, especially given the costs of privacy breaches and legal and regulatory non-compliance. A commercial records centre minimizes the risks of unauthorized access to your documents. Unlike a warehouse or self storage facility, access to a document storage facility should be limited to screened records and information management professionals. Any other visitors should be required to show identification, sign a log book and be continuously escorted and monitored throughout their visit. As a result, a commercial records centre should utilize the following systems:

  • video surveillance
  • access control technology
  • alarm monitoring

Additionally, your records should be protected from fire, flooding and natural disasters that can permanently damage paper documents. All cartons of records should be stored off the floor on high-density shelving units designed specifically for paper documents. The facility should be free of dust, mold and mildew as well as hazardous and combustible chemicals and pests. A commercial records centre should also have fire prevention and suppression technology as well as climate-control monitoring and regulation systems.

Can you manage your retention inventory thoroughly?

When stored within the right commercial records centre, you should gain better control over your document retention inventory. A facility that utilizes integrated document management software with barcode tracking technology enables monitoring of retention as well as final disposition schedules. Further, it allows you to easily retrieve documents—whether of an active or archival nature—online, and have them professionally delivered to you. Having automated and auditable processes for managing your records enhances productivity and leads to improved:

  • regulatory compliance
  • information sharing
  • retention reporting capabilities

Sending your records offsite shouldn’t be a leap of faith as long as you choose the right commercial records centre. Docu-Dépôt provides records storage solutions to businesses throughout Montréal and Québec.

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