Why a Managed Document Destruction Program is Important

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A managed document destruction program incorporates specific procedures and equipment to guarantee that your documents are securely and thoroughly destroyed. Paper records are destroyed in accordance with provincial and federal privacy protection laws and to meet your document retention requirements.

With limited staff time, however, it’s difficult to manage the collection and shredding of sensitive documents internally. A paper shredding service can provide the resources and procedures you need to maintain a secure, efficient, and consistently managed document destruction program.

Liability reduction

Each records retention period has a defined date for the final disposition of documents. Retaining documents past that defined date increases potential liability for your organization because these documents could become subject to review and examination that wouldn’t occur if they had been destroyed on time. During subpoenas, records retention policies are often examined, and failure to prove adherence can result in unfavorable legal action or audits.

Therefore, when a final retention date for a file has been reached and verified, it should be immediately destroyed.

Current process is ineffective

Unfortunately, your current document disposal process may be impacting when records are destroyed. If your staff members use an office shredder, each time a file has to be destroyed they are subject to a time consuming destruction process that includes:

  • Removing rubber bands, paper clips and staples from documents
  • Separating files into easily shredded portions
  • Feeding documents through the shredder
  • Emptying of shredding receptacle

And there are also issues related to the shredder itself; they malfunction and paper jams pop up unexpectedly. Each issue adds additional time to the destruction process and increases the likelihood a document is not properly shredded.

Professional paper shredding allows for the document destruction process to be managed for improved compliance and accountability. Collection containers replace office shredding machines, streamlining the file disposal process. Documents are easily deposited into the container without having to remove paper clips and staples. Files that have reached the end of their retention period are then destroyed onsite with a mobile shredding solution or offsite at a document destruction facility. Both services offer a Certificate of Destruction following destruction as written proof of the disposal process.

Privacy protection

Internally managed document destruction processes can lead to identity theft and privacy breaches. Labor intensive, internal shredding processes often cause paper records to be disposed of in trash receptacles, recycling containers and dumpsters rather than being thoroughly destroyed. It’s faster and easier for an employee to just toss a document rather than shred it.

A managed document destruction program ensures your paper records are destroyed in compliance with provincial and federal privacy protection laws. Chain of custody procedures are integrated into the destruction process. Uniformed and screened professionals place shred collection containers throughout your office or facility. Containers are locked to prevent unauthorized access. On a predetermined schedule, your containers are collected, emptied and the records are completely destroyed.

When a NAID AAA Certified paper shredding company manages your document destruction program, it provides assurance that the destruction process for your documents follows stringent guidelines. All NAID certified providers are subject to annual and random audits for verification that all security requirements and operational procedures have been followed.

Docu-Dépôt offers document destruction solutions for businesses throughout Montréal and Québec. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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