Is Your Paper Shredder is Hurting your Business?

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Your office paper shredder seems harmless enough. You use it regularly and from all indications it keeps your private documents out of the trash. However, closer examination reveals a different picture; when it comes to cost, reliability, security and productivity, your office paper shredder may be hurting your business.

Paper shredders cost more long term

Out of the box and brand new, your office paper shredder may seem like one of the most cost effective and reliable inventions ever. Plug it in, turn it on and it's ready to go. Over time though, your office paper shredder cost your business more.

Companies end up replacing malfunctioned office paper shredders all the time. Even when they are working properly, the operation costs, maintenance, and electricity and employee time spent shredding ends up costing your organisation much more than the initial price of your machine.

A professional paper shredding service saves your business money. Shred collection containers are placed within your office free of charge and do not require electricity and maintenance to use. Documents are disposed of much more efficiently than with your office paper shredder.

Paper shredders are unreliable

Unfortunately, office paper shredder breakdowns usually happens when you least expect it, often in the middle of shredding. A malfunction could be the result of any number of problems:

  • paper jam
  • misaligned cutting heads
  • stripped gears

Some issues can be addressed more easily than others, but troubleshooting the source of the problem takes time, especially when it requires flipping through your owner's manual.

With a professional paper shredding service maintenance issues are eliminated. You always know when your documents are going to be shredded as a shredding schedule is customized to your business needs.

Paper shredders stunt productivity

Even when your paper shedder is properly working, it still takes time to use. Most shredding blades are only designed for cutting paper – not staples, paper clips and sticky notes. Even card stock and other types of “non-traditional” paper can damage your machine. These items have to be removed from documents prior to shredding. A number of other shredding steps are also required:

  • separation of documents into shreddable portions
  • emptying of shredding bin
  • cleaning up of shredding debris

In all, the process of shredding a handful of documents with a paper shredder can take several minutes per day. As a result, not uncommon for hundreds of hours to be lost each year due to office paper shredder dependence.

A professional paper shredding service reduces the time it takes to securely dispose confidential documents. Shred collection containers replace your office paper shredders, allowing for files to be quickly inserted without the need to remove clips, staples and other items.

Paper shredders lack security

Paper shredders were designed as a solution for preventing identity theft and corporate fraud. However, instead of facilitating sound information disposal habits, your office paper shredders may be increasing the risk of exposure for your confidential information. Office paper shredder unpredictability and the way paper shredding interrupts other important workday task, may cause documents go shredded for days or weeks.

By making it quick and convenient to dispose of paper documents, a professional shredding service fosters secure information disposal habits. Shred collection containers are strategically placed in highly visible areas by your shredding vendor making your employees more likely to destroy sensitive information. The destruction process handled with industrial grade shredding equipment using strict chain of custody procedures at all times.

By replacing your office shredder with a professional paper shredding service your business can save money, become more productive and increase the security of its information.

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